Career Opportunities

Careers in Command Centre creates enormous efficiencies in your organization and introduces an organized process for new applicants. On the fly, you can easily create new career opportunities with opening and closing dates which will automatically remove the opportunity from your site when the closing date is reached and other critical details such as the type of position, number of positions available, and location of the position. 

Because you may want applications to go to a unique individual in your organization, you can customize who receives new applications for any job opportunity. 

Like all things in Command Centre, when you add the opportunity the stylization is automatically applied. The new opportunity is published and professionally displayed. New applicants can view the opportunity and apply directly within your website by completing a simple form and even uploading their resume. 

Instantly, you will receive the application in a consistent layout for your records. The applicant will be notified automatically, thanking them for his/her submission and reminding them that only successful applicants will be contacted.

For times when there are no opportunities posted, we have conveniently created a General Applications form so that you can still receive applications from individuals interested in being a member of your team.