News & Blog System

An efficient news system that allows you to build news articles, blog articles, or business announcements for your website in minutes!

Almost every business can benefit from providing a news article or blog are on their website. This diverse system can be used to educate your customers and demonstrate how your business stays ahead of the curb in your industry, or just make special announcements about activities within your business. The Search Engine benefit that news articles provide is also enormous, as they provide a non destructive location for you to provide an abundance of information without compromising the design of your more prominent pages.

Once again we have put a lot of thought into developing the perfect platform for news. Through Command Centre we made it incredibly easy for you to add news articles and edit past articles. All you have to do is give your article a title, a short description, determine your status: Draft, if you want to visualize your article before posting it; Online, to publish immediately; or Offline entirely. You can even pre or post-date the delivery of your articles so they fall in line perfectly and sit in queue until the post date arrives. 

Once again, Command Centre takes care of all the stylization. When you have completed your article, all of the appropriate links will fall in line, as well as a homepage widget to preview the article and the full detail page.