People System

A lot of businesses like to pay tribute to their team on their website. For this, we have created an incredibly easy to use system to not only showcase your employees but also organize them into groups and even promote a person as “employee of the month,” providing homepage promotion for that individual.

The construction of our people application is so well planned that we can easily customize it to perform diverse range of similar applications. We have already used this system to showcase players for teams or member of a club. It's really incredible how many uses this application can have.

And like everything in Command Centre, managing it is a snap for our customers. In just a few clicks you can easily create new sections or groups to organize your people and then add people to those groups by simply filling in just a few fields. From here, you can also easily feature that individual for homepage exposure for services like “employee of the month" or "player of the month.” Then all you have to do is add a photo, and instantly that person will be added to your website, and all the stylizations will be automatically applied.