Reviews / Testimonials

Providing customer reviews is a powerful way to gain credibility and trust with new customers. In Command Centre we have created an incredible system for you to publish and accept customer reviews. 

Of course, through Command Centre, you can add reviews manually to the site, but we have also developed a system to process the request of a review from your customers that automatically sends out a beautifully designed email, complete with your logo and link, sending your customers to your reviews form. 

When customers submit a review through your website you will be notified immediately so you can approve it for publication on your website. At this pointl, you can edit reviews for spelling or grammar, and furthermore, establish a connection between the review and one of your services, products or portfolio items. This will enable the review to not only publish in your reviews section, but also on its related service, product or portfolio page for great content. 

And of course, like all of our systems the stylization is automatically applied to produce a great look on your website!