Content Writing

Creating Professional Copy for your Website

Populating your website with content will be most likely the most demanding stage of the project for your end. Our team of experts will work closely with you to devise a plan to make this as painless as possible. While we will require your knowledge and expertise about your company to provide the information you want our website to communicate we will start by preparing a sitemap breaking down the various sections of your website to help isolate a plan of attack. Once that is defined we will work with you to extract the areas of content we need piece by piece. Once your content is received in its raw format we will review it to plan a strategy on how to lay it out on your new websites design in a way that will make it a fluid and entertaining read for your visitors.

After your website is completed there’s a budget assigned to your project to publish all of the content you have provided into the planned layout. In doing this we may update your verbiage to deliver improved search engine optimization and design.

No Mistakes in your copy

Looking to ensure that the readability of your websites copy is streamlined and correct? We can offer content editing as well to ensure your websites content represents you professionally and effectively.