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Never discount your company logo! Your logo is the signature that identifies your company. It expresses who you are and allows you to plant your flag anywhere you put it. A logo becomes more valuable with age. The more places you put it and the more eyes that bare witness to it, increases its significance and your impression in the marketplace. That being said, you do NOT want to change it, at least not drastically. So you have to be sure that you absolutely love your logo.


Our No Obligation Process

Some logos are made quickly and some require a lot of revisions. If you have a strong idea of what you want and can express the direction of what you want but just can not implement it or you have seen our work and just trust that we will bang out something awesome our design process provides you an affordable way to get the logo you need.

Adversely if you are looking for a variety of concepts, new ideas, trials and customizations drilling into as many designs as you would like to see before picking your company logo, our system also allows for unlimited and dedicated  designer attention without limited your draw-back options to a set number. Below we outline our process..

1 } Conceptualizing 

We have an incredibly effective online form we will ask you to complete which gives us direction to what logo style, personality, colour schemes and more so that we can creatively visualize you are looking for.


2 } Design 

With the information collected from our questionnaire we will construct 3 to 6 rough, low-resolution mock ups.


3 } Selection, Expansion or Exit.. 

From the mocks ups provided there are 3 options to proceed..


Just not liking them..

If all of the rough concepts we have presented you are just not clicking and your not sure we are on the right path we can simply throw in the towel…

This one is perfect!

If you love one of the concepts from the first draft  then thats it! We will prepare your new logo package in high resolution and we are done!

I like these, but can we try..
$499 + $125/hr

If we have been able to prove that we are on the right track but you want to start making changes and trying ideas, lets get started!


Let's Get Started...

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