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Social Media Management

Social Media is an extremely powerful and popular tool used by nearly all successful brands to build and foster relationships. No other advertising medium can be more consistent and engaging while being extremely cost effective when considering the cost per impression overall. Comparatively to other traditional forms of advertising such as television or radio the cost to deliver ads at even remotely the same pace and volume would be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, Social Media promotes content to visitors who have admitted to be interested in you and are your exact consumer market, looking to hear more from you!






We offer a full service approach to your social media management

The full treatment

We offer a full service approach to social media management, from current account audit and / or setup of new accounts, strategy preparation, content design / development and post execution.









Execution starts with a detailed and pr​ofessionally designed strategy

The Strategy

First we prepare a detailed and researched social media strategy followed by a creative calendar for managing your weekly posts for a powerful and strategic social media plan.





With a strategy in place we execute these plans for you, professionally managing your social media accounts.

The Execution


Creative Design

  • We will create / optimize your social accounts.
  • Design all post content visual elements.
  • Carefully craft all text for your post content.
  • Posts will include the strategic hashtag and referral tags.

3 Month Calendar

  • Prepare a 3 month posting calendar for your approval.
  • Execute the calendar posting at on the days and times.
  • Performance reviews every 3 months



Having the right creative is crucial to acheive engagement

Photography & Videography

The success of your social engineering is subject to the quality of content that you share. We will spearhead the creative conceptualization for your business working closely with you to explore current hot topics, promotions and other interested creative to share on your platforms. We will manufacture truly emotional media that will attract customer relationships.



When your followers land on your  website, 
it will be ready


One of the most powerful benefits of our SEO service is that because we are your website developer we have the advantage of being able to make in-depth and more complex SEO pursuant updates to your website from a structural standpoint. We are familiar with every nook and cranny of your websites code and update elements more accurately and effectively then a third party developer.

Whats better is that these updates are FREE to our SEO service subscribers!