Website Development

A Truly Custom Website that is all yours

We offer a truly custom experience and product. Successful websites are created when marketing expertise, knowledge of your goals and vision is executed with precision and with an exact understanding of what is required by a talented team of experienced developers on the right framework.



Functionality UX

The experience your visitors have on your website will dictate many things, the success of their intended interaction with you but also their first taste of what it is like to work with you. If your website has flaws in its functionality you have already begin a negative experience with your customers. Providing a smooth, natural and furthermore positive experience on your website will translate to an already happy customer at their arrival.





Design UI

Our team of graphic designers and front end developers will ensure that your visitor experience is conducive to the intention you have envisioned for your site. This considering what information your visitors will see, how they will explore your website and fundamentally how they will react. Whether to purchase, inquire or signup. We understand that the user interface requires careful consideration to realize your website goals and this is done by combining intelligent planning, beautiful design and thoughtful execution.





Baked In SEO

Media Suite will design your website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. The large part of your success with search engines starts with having a properly developed website that adhere’s to today’s Web Standards and Googles recommended practices.

All of our sites come launched with all On-Page optimization to adhere to googles recommendations and best practices for search engine optimization including custom meta values, schema markup, xml sitemap indexing, heading tag use and much more! This means that to further your SEO






All of our websites are designed on a fully responsive platform to offer a customized viewing experience for visitors on any device. From a small smartphone, large phone to tablet, laptop and large wide screened monitors. We believe that the viewing experience should not only be convenient but also take advantage of the platform and real estate the various devices provide. A truly responsive platform is one that leverages the benefits of the device as much as it does accommodate it.



Content Management 

Custom CMS designed specifically for your websites content.

Your website will have the most reliable, intuitive and extremely easy to use content management system baked right on. Through Command Centre CMS you can create new pages for your website, add photos, video downloadable files and links with ease. Because the CMS system is custom designed for your site we utilize “forced formatting” to ensure your site has a consistent and professional look and feel throughout without you having to make any design decisions. Simply add your content and the system will ensure everything is published perfectly!


CMS Training 

While our content management system is extremely easy to use you will have increased confidence with the use of all aspects of your websites management system after a thorough, in person tutorial of your website! Through this tutorial we will go through the basic operations, tips and tricks to fully take advantage of your powerful new website and best practices for Search Optimization.