After Launch

It all begins after launch

It is imperative to remember that your website is a marketing machine and truly requires advertising and continued investment to allow it to truly perform to its potential. Your website is designed to captivate visitors, encourage them to flow through information on your website naturally and with continually amplified engagement and interest ultimately make contact with you.  None of this can happen if your website does not first have a visitor, for this advertising is required to bring visitors and allow your website to yield its full potential. 




While your website will come armed with an incredibly powerful content management tool which delivers the ability to easily keep your content up-to-date. Updating your website can still be a task quickly thrown down your to-dos. Furthermore there is something to be said to have content published by a graphic designer who has an eye for layout. For this we offer maintenance services for your website content and also to provide ongoing basic HTML improvements to your site.





While organic search engine optimization will grow overtime, a marketing strategy to push traffic to your website will not only expedite your ability to be found on the first page on google but also drive traffic to your website immediately. This necessary addition is essential to fully benefit from your new, powerful investment! Learn about all of our After Launch Marketing services including SEO, Online Advertising Management, Social Media Management and more.





Understanding the traffic and behaviours of your visitors is a crucial way to measure the effectiveness of your advertising and your website.

Monitoring and understanding your Google Analytics can help you make decisions on how to change your website’s design and messaging to improve the overall productivity of your marketing initiatives. We ensure that this information is always at your fingertips. Google Analytics reports on how many visitors you have received, how they found you, where they are located, which websites or search engines referred them to your page and while visiting your site, where they are going.