Custom Website Design & Development

When you need a website that is totally unique, a navigation that is exactly perfect, and functionality that no template can serve, you need custom...

Designing and developing custom websites is our primary focus since 2002, and we've got a huge bag of tricks we'd like to share with you. We're an interactive web design agency that offers uncompromised, end-to-end web solutions including:

Custom Web Design, User-Interface and Graphics.

We start from scratch on every custom website design we do. We mock up a unique look and feel that fits your style preferences and target demographics. We start with the homepage and once that's approved, we mock up every other key page of the site to make sure every single layout detail will be accounted for. This is the smoothest and best way to avoid spending extra time and money during the coding and programming processes that follow.

Web Development Production

We hand-code virtually all of our web development projects from the ground up (except on the occasions where the site calls for wrapping or skinning the design around an existing software platform), and we use the most search-engine-friendly, standards-compliant techniques. We prefer coding CSS-based, table-less designs for maximum scalability and we never, ever, use flash.

Web Database Programming

We work with PHP/MySQL exclusively for all of our programming work and all of our websites use PHP in some way, shape, or form. We specialize offering our completely custom content management systems (Command Centre) to ensure that the operation of your website can be executed without compromise and to ensure that future growth and modifications are without restrictions by limitations set by a third party CMS system. 

Cross Browser, Cross Platform Compatibility

The truth is a lot of websites that are done "professionally" just aren't displaying correctly in the plethora of web browser versions that are out there and on top of that we now have to consider mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

ALL of our websites are cross-browser, cross-platform compatible with all of the latest web browsers. (Mac OS/Windows, Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, iOS, Android etc.). Virtually EVERYONE using the internet can view your site properly. We use cutting-edge techniques incorporating XHTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, FLASH, JAVASCRIPT and PHP/MySQL.

Search Engine Friendly Code and SEO

You'd think this would be a given too right? Think again. Our website code and content management solutions are specially built to be super search-engine-friendly. We've got years of tried-and-true SEO techniques that will help your website get far better rankings. We're not just saying that either, we can show you exactly how its done.