On-Page Search Engine Optimization for just $150 / month

The online space has grown to be an extremely competitive environment. Our on-page exclusive SEO service is a cost-effective way to sustain strong positioning in search or increase your ranking gradually through on-page work.

This plan will cover 3 essential pillars for succ​ess



Design Monitoring & Improvements

Yes, our content management system is super easy to use! But it's not uncommon for clients like yourself to have so much on your plate that when you add new info to your site, you haven't also considered how it will appear on mobile devices, applied best practices for uniformity of content, considered image resolution, or checked your work in detail. 

Not to worry! With your monthly maintenance plan, we have your back and will tidy up any imperfections to ensure your website is always representing you professionally! 

Expired Content Checks

Remember that banner you added to your website last season or those special holiday hours you added in December for the upcoming holidays? That was an awesome way to communicate updates with your clients. But if you forgot to remove those items come January and your site is showing out-of-date information because you're too busy to update it yourself, you are not alone. It was amazing that you remembered to add that info to your website in the first place, and really a miracle if you remembered to remove it when it was time. Let us take the pressure off you by watching out for and removing expired content on your behalf. We'll ensure your website remains current by adding new and important content updates each month for you!

Content Updates

The only thing easier than using our content management system is NOT using our content management system. If you have a new team member to add, a fresh promotional banner to showcase, a news article to post, or some hours of operation to update — no sweat! Simply email the updates to our team and we will take care of it all for you. Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your content will be added with precision and with great emphasis on design and search engine consideration.




Meta Data and Alt/Title Updates

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, following SEO best practices is critical. One important step is to make sure every page has a meta title and alt tag that accurately describes your content and includes relevant keywords. You also need to ensure you avoid duplicate titles and tags. This is where we come in! With a website maintenance plan, we will do keyword research for your industry and leverage our SEO team to ensure your meta titles and meta descriptions are keyword optimized. It's time to get your website noticed by potential customers!

Heading & Content Optimizations

These more visible optimizations are crucial for SEO best practices. Heading tags inform search engines what your page is about at the highest hierarchy. We will ensure that these tags contain the exact keywords you are targeting without compromising your visitor's browsing experience and logic. Further to this, we will follow Google's best practices on the use of heading tags, such as non-duplicate or multi-placement tagging to ensure optimal results.

XML Sitemap and Robot File Updates

XML sitemap and Robot.txt files are uploaded to the root of your website. We submit your website to Google Search Console and connect the service to your sitemap. These files communicate all of the pages that make up your website to search bots to improve their ability to track your website and understand and rank your website. Updating these files will be particularly important as new pages of your website are created or as expired pages are removed.




Get powerful insights from various data sources all in one intuitive dashboard.


Google Analytics

Total Visitors Total New Visitors Pages most frequently visited How visitors are finding you Where your visitors are located What devices they are using How much time visitors are spending on each page

Google Search Console

Total number of times you pulled up in search Total number of times visitors have accessed your site from search Your average ranking position over popular keywords Top keywords used to find your website Google ranking change trend

Google Business

Listing Total number of website visits from your GMB listing Total number of calls from your GMB listing Total number of direct requests from Google Maps Consolidated Google Business reviews with reply status

Want More Data?

Not a problem! The above data points come standard with our plan and are guaranteed to be set up. For more data, you can add integrations from over 75 other data sources including: