Our Process

Over the years we have refined the perfect flow for successful website production


One: Pre-Production

During this stage, we will work with you to collect the fundamental assets for your project which include logo and domain details. We will also set up any third-party supported services for your site, such as payment gateways, calendar integrations, data feeds, and more. 

Two: Content Collection

Here we will explore and plan your sitemap to build a logical organization of your website sections and begin curating all of the information you would like to see published on your new website.

Three: Design Prototyping

After in-depth research and discussion, our graphic design team will produce a prototype design of your new website based on the project scope, your ideal vision and goals, and the content received.

Four: Functional Development

In this stage, our back-end developers begin executing all UX (User Experience) Development building out the framework, functionality and dynamic capabilities of your new website. 

Five: Data Entry

In this stage, we begin publishing all of your approved content into the website's databases through the content management system. 

Six: Interface Development

Now our front-end developers get busy building out the UI (User Interface) design, following the prototype as a strict design guide. With all content in place, we will also polish the design for all of the website's copy.

Seven: Review & Refinement

Working through our internal review and bug testing, we will look for any final improvement assessments to complete before presenting our best foot forward to you for site preview feedback and approval.

Eight: Launch

With all refinement completed, we are ready to launch your incredible new website and make the internet a better place than it was before — and your customers will love you for it!