Our Process

A process refined through true industry experience because we know that writing code is only a part of the web development process.

A lifecycle of platform planning, design, validation, and build has allowed us to refine a well-executed project, every time.


Pre Production 

During this important stage we debrief our team on the discovery, estimating and needs analysis conversations. We then work to obtain all of the base fundamentals such as your domain name, keyword optimization goals, branding assets, google analytics setup and more.


Content Collection

This is a very significant stage of any project. By first collecting, understanding and organizing the information you would like your website to communicate in advance of development means that the website will be developed to suit the needs of the information you would like it to share, perfectly.



After discussions with our design team to uncover the look and feel of your website in combination with the consideration of the content we have received, the goals for your website and functional requirements we will prepare and present a prototype design for your review. The prototype will be meticulously scrutinized until you are 100% sure and excited about the look of your website before moving into production.


Back End / UX Development 

Based the content received and the project scope we will build all UX (User Experience) components of your website to which will prepare the content management systems and other complex functional requirements of your website.


Data Entry & Design

All of the content collection in the section stage of the website can now be published to the database. This allows the perfect environment for your front end designers to be able to begin pulling it all together.


Front End UI Development

With all of the content active in the databases, all functionality mirroring the project scope we can begin to make the discussed design prototype a reality as we code all User Interface (UI) elements of the website.


Beta Testing

All UI and UX components of the website are thoroughly tested for functionality across all browsers and devices. Additionally we consider intuitive discovery and workflow to ensure that the site will truly accomplish your goals. At this stage you will also provide feedback for change until it is deemed worthy for launch on the world wide web.



The part we have been all working towards, delivery of your website to the world wide web. As part of every website we provide a tutorial of your content management system, discuss our after launch services and of course share our pride of work across all of our media outlets.