5 Tips for More Website Visitors

Consumers like shopping locally and tend to browse for local businesses before shopping internationally. So, it's not surprising that neighbourhood businesses need to make sure they perform well in local searches.

Here are five simple rules for attracting new visitors to your website – the ones who are looking to spend their money at your local business.


1. Get Reviews & Feedback from your customers 

How? Post a small sign next to the cash register or on your invoices, reading "Honest feedback on our website is greatly appreciated! Visit us online at www.yourdomain.com." Or, mail or hand deliver custom “Thank You” cards to new customers after your business is through. The cards should invite them back to your website to submit their review. It can really make a huge impact on your business. This type of traffic adds valuable content to your site and aids your search engine ranking. Feedback and comments show more activity, which makes it easier for search engines to find you. 

2. Be active when people share you on social media

When people publish a link to your site on Facebook, or click "Like" on your Facebook page, it improves your position on search engines. Furthermore, comment on their link by thanking them for sharing. Google+ is particularly important for Google results.

3. Be present in popular directories

Google Places, Yellow Pages, Facebook Pages, ShopCity.com, Bing Places for business...You can also try your professional association's website, city directories, and so on. Don't forget the Better Business Bureau and iBegin. Be sure to complete all the fields in the registration form. If possible, make sure your website link is included, or at least written, and place text in your description. 

4. Put your website address EVERYWHERE

If you have any opportunity to put your business name somewhere, it should be accompanied by your website address. Signs, Print Ads, Business Cards, BillBoards, Letterhead, Email Signature...EVERYWHERE!

5. Update your website often

Add a news article about your business or even just your industry, add a photo, update this week's special, etc. Websites that never change can experience degrading search ranking. Remember, it's the job of a search engine to provide “relevant” information, and part of that criteria is that it's current.

Apply these tips, and we promise you that you will see a return on your time quickly and aggressively. Enjoy your homework!