How do I get my website to rank better in Google?

In this pursuit, many customers ask us if they should pay for Google Ads. So let's use this as our interlude... While Google's paid Ad-Words Campaigns will get you to the first page of Google, they can get a tad expensive if you are perusing a competitive market. BUT, they are kind of like using steroids to get you there. While they will get you on the first page quickly and easily, you better be prepared to invest in them or you will go back to where you started. That's why we recommend putting in the work and building a better foundation for longterm results. 

Here are the best ways to get you there and you can do them yourself!

  • Content, Content, Content
    Make sure the site has a lot of good content and make sure that this content uses your EXACT key phrases as much as possible, while still being a structured sentence.
  • Complete Page Data
    Be sure that your page Titles and Descriptions are completed. For those of you with Media Suite designed websites you can do this through Command Centre; each of your pages have "Page Data". We should also add that it's best if this copy is unique on EVERY page of your site. You lose points for duplicating page data.
  • Write News Articles
    As said in tip No.1, content is king. BUT, too much content can be distracting and overwhelming to your visitors, so use news articles. This gives you a nice little area on your site to stuff a bunch of information and keywords. Realistically, few people will ever read them. But, the little Google Robots who are looking for who should rank #1 will, and they will pick up those keywords. That said, you should still make a half decent article because you never know who might read it and a very savy shopper may just do so and read up on what your doing and test your knowledge of your industry. So, take a minute to make them decent.
  • Link Building
    Get some links to your website (but dont link back to them). Find free directories, Blogs, Message Boards, Customer Websites, etc. But stay away from "Link Farms." Link building can take time, but it's good.

We suggest you work on those to start, then check your analytics and your site placement in a months time to see how you progressed. Then you can decide if a boost like Google Ad-Words is a good investment to kick start your platform. Also, never discount the effectiveness of offline efforts. Signs, Business Cards, Vehicle Stickers, and word of mouth. Get people to visit your website to collect info, download documents or send you inquiries. More Traffic can even boost your SEO placement.