Four Social Media Tips for 2014

Every day we work hard to be social for our businesses in the plethora of social media platforms. We do this to outrun our competition and show our customers we are active and we are current.

We have been thinking about a few ways in which social media can help change the way marketing is done using social media in the short term and have shared four big ideas to consider in your practice.

Getting Noticed in Social Media:

Business-to-Consumer companies have flooded Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Twitter and LinkedIn, whereas Business-to-Business companies have received comparative participation. Be sure that your business is focusing on the right social networks for your target audience. But at the same time, perhaps, test the waters in the opposite markets. Thinking outside the box business owners are home owners too. Maybe it would be a refreshing change of content to see a message that isn't geared towards where my company should spend its money on LinkedIn, and instead what I should do after work, and vice versa for Facebook.

Always Add A Photo:

When making a post take the time to add an image to your post. Consider your own habits as you scroll through the news feed of your Facebook account. What stops you and grabs your attention? I bet it's an image or video. This rich content grabs attention much more effectively than a simple sentence, so take the time to get a photo to support your message and your efforts will be exponentially more effective.

Lesser Focus on Community Size and More on Engagement:

Companies spend years increasing the volume of consumers they can reach rather than the quality of that conversation. With fatigue setting in on the 'how large can we grow' situation, both clients and agencies will set their sights on higher engagement. This will mean hard working content, and spends on reach. Yes, businesses will spend lower on acquiring Likes, Followers, and similar metrics, and reach deeper for brand insights that genuinely connect.

Remember to Make An Offer:

While content marketing is an awesome way to gain followship, solidify consumer trust and engage with your audience. Never forget to make an offer from time to time. After all, your business is in business to sell something. Use this attention you have worked too hard to ge,t to make an offer from time to time!