Google Will Soon Label websites without SSL "UNSAFE"

Google has announced that it has started considering SSL protected websites (https) as a measure of deciding page rank for websites in search results. Much like the consideration of mobile friendliness rolled out last year. Therefore, all other elements being equal, SSL websites get preference over Non-SSL websites in search results.

Google WANTS every website behind SSL

Google will also be marking HTTP websites (those without SSL) as “unsafe”, and warn users that the website they are viewing is "not secure" which will be a huge deterrent for Google Chrome users!

This change, though being promoted as something to safeguard the web, is being viewed as more of a monopolistic move by Google. By “forcing” website owners to use HTTPS, Google may or may not make a safer internet, but it surely is making life difficult for the average user who just wishes to have a basic website.


So what can you do? 

Agree or disagree with Googles methods, its best to just follow suit. At the end of the day there is nothing wrong with further securing your website with a Secure Socket Layer Certificate (SSL), especially if this added security also comes with a search engine optimization competitive advantage over your competition.


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