The Working Culture of Innovation

You need to be fast and ready to outrun your competition in order to stay ahead of them. If the pace of change outside of your organization is faster then within, your competitors will surpass you in no time.

Adapting a working culture of innovation can be achieved by watching out for changes in customer demands and the availability and trends in new technologies.

In order to stay ahead, you must nurture a culture that is based on constant innovation. By doing this, you will quickly become an organization that is forever reinventing and will not hold still long enough to be copied.

At Media Suite we have witnessed this in one of our clients, DockinaBox®. When we worked with DockinaBox® to create instructional videos for each of the dock and ladder products they offer, it was absolutely astounding to become knowledgable of the abundance of innovation that goes into each of their products. This allows them to offer an unmatchable product that is under constant evolution. Even the fact that they hired us to create educational videos for each of their dock systems was a sign of their superior innovation and ability to work soaringly above their competition and maintain the position as leader in their industry.


This isn’t something one can do overnight. You must implement this process gradually, and very carefully. Start with an opportunity to see an improvement in an existing process. This will be the first wave in a series of changes for your organization. Consider the adaptation of technologies that leaders in your industry are currently using.

Remember, technology has leveled the playing field between the big box stores and medium businesses. Services such as online sales processing, automatically generated emails and online scheduling use to require in-house IT departments, and today we can build those systems for less than you pay for a large flat television.

Innovative thinking comes from making connections between ideas, processes, industry trends and consumer demands. Focusing on these connections enables an organization to improve from within, expand upon their existing way of operating, and move beyond the competition.