Autochoice Car Sales

Simple, attractive design which accounts for 90% of the dealerships advertising initiatives. The site showcases vehicle inventory and processes credit applications. Located in Barrie, Ontario, Auto Choice Sales is a long standing used car dealership with an outstanding reputation for trust and quality vehicles. Roger St. Onge, owner of Auto Choice, gets the most out of his third party inventory management company by having all of his vehicles published, not only through the network they provide, but through his own website, free of all the competitor vehicles.

Client Review

  • " I appreciate how simple the update process is. Because our vehicle turnover is rapid I needed a program that allows me to photograph and post my vehicles quickly and reliably so I can get back to other daily duties. The site pulls in a massive amount of our new business and is almost our only advertising / marketing tool. "
    5 Stars
    Roger St. Onge | Autochoice Car Sales