Donaleighs Irish Public House

Barrie's booming Irish Public House needed a website that matched the gorgeous atmosphere of this establishment and provided instant access to menus, and we delivered. This highly graphical website provides the same look and feel of the pub itself. With rich textures and wood accents, this site makes you feel as though you are at Donaleighs.

From the day the doors opened at Donaleighs it was an instant hotspot in Barrie and the traffic on the website see’s just as much traffic as the establishment itself. We made sure that visitors receive what they came for with a full, and up to date, menu on the site that is easy to navigate, photo galleries, directions and even a Facebook feed to see recent news. On top of that, we designed a mobile friendly website to provide visitors on-the-go a convenient browsing experience.

Media Suite also provides all branding and graphic services to Donaleighs from their menu to table cards, business cards and posters.