(Formerly Innisfil Hydro)

In 2015 Innisfil Hydro announced their move to their new building and a complete rebranding of the company. As part of the rebranding and the migration to the name InnPower was the development of a brand new website to provide their customers easier access to information. 

The selection process for a web designer was contracted out to a consultation firm specializing in Web. After an interview with the consultant and several proposal submissions we were awarded the contract!

This project was quite large and a huge success. InnPower now has a very clean, modern and timeless design that provides easy access to an abundance of content. Some really exemplary features are the real time “Time of Use” rates system in the header that will show you what the current cost of hydro is, an interactive HTML5 animation tool to learn about bills, and a great mobile version of the website.