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The Potlight Guys

The Potlight Guys offers a "Job Bank" where its members (Electricians) create memberships to access installation opportunities. This brilliant service allows for home owners to receive service from screened-quality electricians. The benefits to electricians is that they could rely on this hub for finding guaranteed and organized work. 

There were several databases and features required in this site, such as the ability to exempt certain members from paying fees based on their WSIB status, having each members profile provide them statistics of their earnings, the process of approving applying members based on their abilities, sending material lists to suppliers from posted work, and so much more.

NOTE: In 2013, The Potlight Guys has been taken offline as the owners of the site have decided to move the model to Alarm services, launching soon under

Client Review

  • " Conceptualizing ideas is not always an easy task. The team at Media Suites managed to bring rough sketches, ideas and processes to life with our new fully functional website.
    We want to take this opportunity to thank the team and let future customers know that Media Suites is a full service web development company. Media Suites has the ability to make your website look and "feel" amazing, as well as provide amazing functionality and process control.
    We would be more than happy to refer their services to every business owner that we encounter looking for a new website. Thanks to Trevor, Bryan and Derek for all their tedious, dedicated and detailed work on our site. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions with regards to the ability of Media Suite and their ability. We would be more than happy to give more information. "
    5 Stars
    Chad Madill | The Potlight Guys Inc.